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Some Thoughts on Key & Peele’s “Obama Loses His SH*T”

I wanted to note WHY I think Key & Peele's Obama skit (see it in the below post) is funny, as I have discovered that some folks don't think this was funny.

*clears throat*

As an aspiring academic of color, I have to always be conscious of allowing myself to be “too passionate” when expressing opinions/arguments, as these opinions/arguments are likely to end up being read as the “angry rants of a pissed off black girl” rather than valid, fact-based statements. Some folks may want to ignore this, but there is certainly racial AND gender privilege when it comes to who is perceived as an “expert” and “knowledgeable.” This fear of being read as “angry” and having my argument invalidated/ignored is what compelled me to find this skit really funny. It speaks to an experience of constant modification in terms of self-presentation, as no one will take you seriously if you’re the “angry minority,” especially when you’re the first U.S. president of color. As much as folks like to relish in Obama’s blackness, he still has to work to be perceived as capable and knowledgeable in spite of his skin color (which has nada to do with his accomplishments), something I’d imagine his white predecessors took for granted.

But of course, some folks don’t get that. *inserts anger translator here*